Puppy School

Manners Maketh Puppies!

If you want to ensure good development and a reduction in unwanted behaviour, a puppy preschool is a good way to do this. It allows your pup to socialize with others and build up confidence in a safe environment. The pups are also taught basic obedience, environment desensitisation, basic leash skills, food bowl manners and politeness when socializing with other dogs. You are also guided in reducing the incidence of biting, how to read your pup’s body language, effective play as well as toys and games to play with your puppy. You learn handling and settling as well as how to instil toilet training for your pet.

Your puppy classes will cover such training items such as:

  • How dogs learn
  • Basic commands
  • Socialisation
  • Calming & settling
  • Jumping up
  • Toilet training
  • Basic health care