Cat Boarding

Going away on for work or holiday?

Give your cat to a fun and relaxing break too at our safe, comfortable, and spacious cattery. Our team of animal attendants are passionate about providing the best possible care and fun times to ensure your feline friend feels right at home.

Terms and conditions of boarding:

  • Dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated to Inner City Pet Boarding standards and a certificate must be presented on admission. Please be aware that despite current vaccination status, it is possible to transfer disease (particularly respiratory disease) between animals that are in close proximity. ICPB has stringent protocols to try to mitigate this risk, but on rare occasions, clinical signs may occur, which may require treatment and associated costs.
  • If your pet is clinically unwell on admission, they may be refused entry to the facility.
  • Our expectation is that your animal attends our facility free from external parasites. In the event that fleas are seen on your pet, we will provide treatment at a cost to you.
  • Boarding will be refused to any pet at any time that displays aggression or other anti-social behaviour whilst in the facility. For the safety of the staff and other boarding animals, you will be contacted via the emergency contact information above to make arrangements to collect your animal.
  • If your pet requires medical attention whilst in boarding, ICPB will make every effort to contact you via the emergency contact information supplied above. We will endeavour to call you in an emergency situation regarding the health of your pet. Any veterinary costs will be at your expense.
  • Pets on medication or medicated food must bring their own medication and food with them. If your pet requires more medication or specific food while boarding we will provide this at your own cost.
  • Medications supplied must be properly labelled with a prescription label from a veterinarian. The dose on the label MUST be the current dose that you have requested us to administer and must be clearly ledgible.
  • Payment for the full boarding stay will be taken on admission of boarding.
  • ICPB discourages personal belongings entering the facility with your pet as we can not guarantee that they are returned.
  • Pets are not supervised 24 hours per day. Do not book a shared run for your pets if they are unlikely to tolerate this close proximity. We take no responsibility for any altercations which may occur whilst unsupervised.
  • Our expectation is that your animal attends our facility free from external parasites. In the event that fleas are seen on your pet, we will provide treatment at a cost to you.
  • Visiting periods can be arranged but must be scheduled with kennel staff. Owners will not be able to enter the kennel facility due to OH&S regulations.
  • Drop off and pick up times outside of the designated hours will incur a surcharge of $20.00. There are no pick ups on public holidays
  • Charges are incurred per 24 hour period or part thereof.
  • If you need to organise for your pet to stay beyond the original discharge date you must provide payment on the request of extension. Management will consider the pet abandoned three days after the original discharge date if we have not had any correspondence regarding extension and payment with the owner. Either three days after notification to the owner or if we are unable to contact you three days after the original discharge date we will transfer your pet to the pound.
  • Public holidays, Christmas & Easter holiday periods will be charged at a higher rate than advertised and a minimum day stay will apply.
  • Images of your pet may be used on Hamilton Veterinary Clinic’s social media sites and website for promotional and marketing purposes.