Going away on for work or holiday?

Give your dog a fun and relaxing break too at our safe, comfortable, and spacious dog kennels. Our team of animal attendants are passionate about providing the best possible care and fun times to ensure your four legged friend feels right at home.

Terms and conditions of boarding:

All animals must be fully vaccinated and a certificate presented on admission. Full payment for the stay is to be made on admission. There are no refunds for early collection of your pet. It is preferred that no personal possession accompany the pet as there is no guarantee of them being returned in a similar condition.  We prefer to house all pets separately, but should you require your pets be housed together, the staff cannot be held responsible for any altercations between your pets during unsupervised periods.

All pets must be treated for ticks and fleas prior to being boarded. Should staff find fleas on your pet, they will be treated with a flea product and this will be charged to your account. You will not be able to enter the boarding facilities for visits during your pets stay due to OHS regulations, but a visit can be scheduled so that your pet can be brought to you outside of the boarding accommodation for some attention during their stay. Pets cannot be collected by a third party and will only be released to the registered owner unless the owner designated a secondary caregiver on admission.

Minimum charges are for a 24 hour period. Any time past the first 24 hours will be charged at a daily rate. Should your pet become ill during their stay at the boarding facilities, treatment will be arranged, with costs being charged to your account. We ensure all animals admitted are fully vaccinated and the facility is kept to the strictest possible hygiene standards but there is always potential for the spread of viruses when animals are housed in the same facilities.

Should there be an emergency, we will endeavour to contact you first. Failing that, we will contact a vet to assist and bill you accordingly. Should your pet be on a specific diet or medication, ensure there is enough for the full stay. Should the products run out, we will provide the products and charge it to your account. All medications must be labelled with a prescription label and dosage instructions. Medications must be relabelled by your vet in the event of a dosage change. Products must be in the original packaging and must not be expired.

Should you wish to extend your pet’s stay, please ensure you advise us accordingly and make payment for the extension at the time of request. Should your pet not be collected within 3 days after the date of the original discharge date and we have not had correspondence from you with regards to an extension, we will consider the pet to be abandoned. There is a higher rate charged for boarding over public holidays, Easter and Christmas holiday periods and a minimum amount of days boarding is required.