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Nutrition in pets has come a long way since the older days where they were feed table scraps and old bones from the left over’s on the dinner table. Nutrition now is specifically designed to help our pets live a happier, healthier, longer life by tailoring specific needs to specific life stages and even helping to treat medical conditions.

As we know with our own health “we are what we eat” and we also know that this effects how we feel, how we look, our internal health and also our mental health. This is not dissimilar to our pets and as an example a common condition that we are aware of is an obese pet that rarely exercises is at a higher risk of developing diabetes and joint problems than a pet that has maintained a healthy weight and regular exercise regime.

Premium Hills Science Diet

Keeping this in mind we strongly recommend your pet should be on a premium diet from a young age continued throughout its entire life. The brand our veterinarians strongly recommend is Hills Science Diet. These foods are developed for specific ages of your pet from puppy or kitten to adult and mature senior. The amount of nutrients in each diet is tailored for the specific lifestyle ensuring your pet receives the adequate amount of nutrients through it entire life.

Hills also have a medicated pet food range which helps control and maintain some diseases. These are prescribed by a veterinarian. These diets are design for patients suffering from obesity, joint problems and arthritis, diabetes, itching skin and allergies, stomach upsets, kidney disease and urinary issues.

If you would like more specific information on Hills Science diet food please visit and follow the props for your pet. Alternatively book an appointment with one of our veterinarians to discuss your pet's nutritional program.


An alternative to the traditional dry pet food is a product called BARF. This stands for biologically appropriately raw food and is made to mimic the natural diet your pet would have experienced if they lived in the wild.

To read more regarding this healthy diet please visit

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