Digital X-Ray

Digital X-Ray

At HVC we have a sophisticated new piece of equipment that enables us to process x-rays digitally. Digital X-Rays processing allows us the ability to produce higher quality pictures for better diagnostics.

Our Digital X-Ray machine also has the ability to burn the picture to a CD or email to referral specialists with ease. These digital images are also used in consult with the veterinarian to help visually explain your pet’s condition on x-ray. The storage of digital x-rays is far more reliable than the older film processing technique and means your pets images will be kept on record for life without the fear of damage or miss placement.

Having this digital technology means the margin for process errors is far less. This in turn results in a faster procedure for your pet reducing anaesthetic time and time needing to be spent in hospital.

In emergency situations or situations regarding surgery we can take images and have results within a few short minutes making diagnosis quick and precise.

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