Recently a revolutionary new anti itch drug came onto the market. There are so many allergic, itchy dogs out there and this new drug could be a lifesaver for them.

In the past our main options to manage extreme itching were:

1. Antihistamines (often didn’t work)

2. Cyclosporine (very expensive)

3. Cortisone (lots of unwanted side effects)

The new drug specifically targets the immune response that triggers the itching. It has very few other side effects on the body. Hence it is much safer than cortisone, which is important for many of our itchy dogs! As they will most likely need regular medication for their itch through out their lives.

Unfortunately at the moment this drug is not registered for use on cats.

So, if your dog is struggling with it’s itch or you would like to get them off cortisone please contact the clinic on 02 4969 6852 and come in and talk to one of our friendly vets about this fabulous new anti itch drug.