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The HVC Team


The HVC team is a closely bonded team consisting of Veterinarians, Nurses, Receptionists and Animal Attendants. Our team is continually expanding to match the growing demand of services we are welcoming to the practice.

We place a large focus on maintaining a high level of staff morale and happiness. Our team ensures we always celebrate staff service milestones, birthdays, national Vet Nurse's day and traditional events like Easter and Christmas.

We touch base quarterly with our staff to ensure feedback pathways are always available and ensure we continually grow and improve.

Continuing education is important to all of our staff members and we ensure we facilitate continuing education opportunities to allow our team to receive modern information and techniques to perform their work to the highest standards.

HVC Team Core Values 

Our team has strong core values that bind us together and guide our team in 
our day to day work life:

Balance - Enjoy a healthy work life balance

Integrity - Respect your peers, clients and patients. Always give your best

Growth - Consistently strive to build your professional and personal life skills

Teamwork - Communicate with your peers and be flexible

Enthusiasm - Each day, find the enthusiasm to approach your life and work with zest. Seek to find the good in every situation

Empathy - Place yourself in the shoes of others; be sympathetic and compassionate to each individual you meet.

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