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How old is your pet

As you may already be aware our beloved pets age more rapidly than we do. This means that if your dog or cat is 10 years old this equates to between 60 and 70 human years.

During our 50's as we are getting ready to enter our "Golden years" and our doctors recommend to have more frequent health checks and also perform some thorough testing relating to some illnesses that are more common in this phase of our life.

Our pets are much the same and need to receive more frequent and regular checks as they enter their older years. Beginning at around age 7, your pet enters their senior years and often develop diseases common to their senior human counterparts, such as diabetes, heart disease, endocrine disease and cancer. These diseases can go unnoticed in their early stages; therefore, preventative health care and early detection is very important.

Our recommendation is that all animals over the age of 7 be given a senior wellness examination with baseline blood and urine testing. Twice yearly health checks are required if large dogs over 8 years, or small dogs and cats over 10 years.

Take the quick quiz to see if your pet is showing any signs of arthritis and bring the results with you to your appointment to discuss with the vet.


There are many conditions that can be underlying and difficult to diagnose before they start to drastically effect the health of our pets.

Some of these conditions can only be detected by blood analysis and urine analysis and by the veterinarian listening to their heart and lungs and thoroughly examining the physical health of the patient.

These conditions can include kidney disease or renal failure, heart failure and heart conditions, sore and diseased mouth and arthritis.

Our Annual Senior Program

To ensure your pet is receiving the best possible preventative care we have organised a Senior Program which we run yearly between the months of May and June which focuses on our patients above the age of 7 years old. We promote a service that is designed to scan our senior pets more frequently than just once a year and focus on all essential health areas that will help diagnose these conditions early. 

The Senior Wellness Program includes:

- Full body physical examination by a veterinarian

- Comprehensive blood testing to check for diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease and many others

- Urine test (if urine is collectable)

- Eye sight, arthritis and hearing assessment

- Nail clipping and ear cleaning if required (and if the patient allows) .

 If time permits, we like to run the blood tests immediately so we can give you the results in person before you leave the appointment, however, if you are low on time, we can always call you later in the day.

This package is offered at a reduced rate of the normal price to encourage senior wellness and make it available to as many pet owners as possible.

During May and June 2019, all pets that are part of the Senior Wellness Program will be able to access exclusive offers like 50% off selected Hills Prescription Diets, samples of arthritis supplements along with discounts for purchase, entry into draws for prizes that will be announced on facebook. You will also receive an exclusive photoshoot package at a reduced rate with talented pet photographer Claudia Paizani .

For more information, call and speak to one of our friendly receptionists on 49696852

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