Last weekend Chris attended a surgery seminar in beautiful Mudgee. The course was very “hands on” with a lot of instruction in a range of surgical techniques and procedures.

Day One was focused on skin surgery. Many cancerous skin lumps end up with big defects in the skin that need to be closed. New ways of closing the skin and avoiding tension on the wound were demonstrated. Skin grafting is sometimes required when animals lose their skin on their lower limbs in car accidents and Chris had the chance to refine this skill.

Day Two was focused on orthopedics and Chris made many distinctions on procedures ranging from bone pinning to bone plating. Also external fixation for fractures was highlighted. This procedure involves inserting pins through the skin and into bones and then the pins are connected on the outside with clamps and rods thus stabilising the fracture.

All in all a worthwhile learning weekend and a pleasant drive past farms, coal mines and wineries.