Cane Toads (Rhinella marina) previously Bufos marina

Many of you may have heard that recently several cane toads were found at Medowie and Metford in the last two months. It is unknown how they got there. However, pet owners do need to be aware that the area where cane toads are found is growing and what to look out for.

All stages of the cane toad life cycle, including eggs, tadpoles, toads, and dead animals, are poisonous to both native wildlife and our pets.


The following websites have very good information regarding cane toads.

The tadpoles are black and adult cane toads can look very similar to some native frogs. Please do not kill any if you think you may have found one. Get it identified correctly. You can report sighting to Local Land Services Office on 1300 795 299 during business hours

Photo Credit: Dr Jodi Rowley

You can also have cane toad (and other frog) calls identified via the FrogID app.

Signs of Poisoning

The signs to look out for if your pet has bitten/eaten a cane toad include:

  • Excessive salivation and irritation/pawing at the mouth
  • Bright red gums
  • Hypersensitivity and twitching of muscles
  • Seizures

What to do if suspect poisoning

  • Wipe out mouth with wet cloth
  • DO NOT hose out the mouth, this is more likely to cause drowning
  • Seek veterinary care immediately