Cat Boarding

Penthouse: $22.00

Charges are priced at 24 hour periods. So if your cat arrives in the morning and stays until the following afternoon this will be 2 x 24 hour periods.


Public Holiday:        $15.00 per day

 Medication:           $5.00 per day

  Insulin boarder:        $10.00 per day

Peak Periods Easter and Christmas please contact us


Living Spaces

Our large the penthouse for our spoilt feline friends. This area is approximately 2.5 metres long by 1 metre wide.  

Our cats living areas all have comfortable plush bedding either an igloo for the more shy boarders or a round pillow bed to stretch out or curl up in. Their living areas are cleaned with a high grade disinfectant twice daily to ensure hygiene and comfort of our boarding animals.

cattery_play area(1)Exercise 
In the mean time during the day the cats are individually exercised by our animal attendant in our outdoor fully enclosed exercise area.  This area has a large scratching post, a tunnel, toys and most important cuddles from our staff.

Our cats receive premium Hills Feline Science diet dry food and they are fed twice daily so they can graze on food at all times. If your pet has a special diet they will be feed to your specific instructions.


Drop off and Pick up times

You can drop off or pick up your cat, Monday-Saturday between 9.00am-11.00am and 3.00pm - 5.30pm.  Sundays drop off and pick up times are between 9.30am-11am  and 3.00pm-5.30pm. If you need to come in between these hours, this must be pre- arranged and it will incur an outside hours charge of $20. There are no drop off or pick ups on public holidays.

Visiting hours to see the cattery or a boarding animal housed in the cattery are only between the hours of 3.30 and 4.00pm weekdays.

 Terms and conditions of boarding:

  • Dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated to Inner City Pet Boarding (ICPB) standards and a certificate must be presented on admission.
  • Payment for the full boarding stay will be taken on admission of boarding.
  • No refunds are given if you arrive early to pick your pet up from boarding.
  • ICPB discourages personal belonging entering the facility with your pet. If personal belonging enter the facility they may not return in the same condition.
  • If you insist your pets share a cage, you understand that at some periods of your pets boarding they will be unsupervised and you take full responsibility for discrepancies that can occur between family pets. Otherwise all boarders are housed separatley.
  • It is compulsory that all pets are on flea product that kills fleas on contact when entering the facility. If we find fleas on your pet we will immediately treat your pet with Capstar and place them on a flea preventative product at your own expense.
  • Visiting periods can be arranged but must be scheduled with the animal attendant staff. Owners will not be able to enter the boarding facility due to OH&S regulations.
  • Drop off and pick up times outside of the designated hours may incur a surcharge of $20.00.
  • Inner City Pet Boarding will only discharge your pet to the owner on our records or care giver nominated by the owner at time of admission.
  • Charges are made per 24 hour period, therefore if your pet stays for more than a 24 hour period there will be subsequent charges.
  • HVC implement protocols to ensure all boarding animals are currently vaccinated to the appropriate level and adhere to strict hygiene routines to prevent outbreaks of viruses or disease. Whenever multiple animals are housed in the same facility there is potential for spread of viruses (especially respiratory viruses) and hence some animals may become infected. Any treatment costs arising from any illness occurring during or after your pets stay will be at the owner’s expense.
  • If your pet requires medical attention whilst in the boarding facility, Hamilton Veterinary clinic will offer the best possible veterinary care. We will endeavor to call you in an emergency situation regarding the health of your pet. The veterinary attention is at the expense of the owner.
  • Pets on medication or medicated food must bring their own medication and food with them. If your pet requires more medication or specific food while boarding we will provide this at you own cost.
  • Medications supplied must be properly labelled with a prescription label from the veterinarian. The dose on the label MUST be the current dose that you have requested us to administer. Medications purchased from HVC can be re-labelled by us if there is a dose change, or you should contact your vet for a replacement label. Medications must be within the products expiry and in their original packaging with the label clearly visible.
  • If you need to organize for your pet to stay beyond the original discharge date you must provide payment on the request of extension. Management will consider the pet abandoned three days after the original discharge date if we have not had any correspondence regarding extension and payment with the owner.
  • Public holidays, Christmas & Easter holiday periods will be charged at a higher rate than advertised and a minimum day stay will apply.

Either three days after notification to the owner or if we are unable to contact you three days after the original discharge date we will transfer your pet to the pound.

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