Boarding Routines

ICPB follow the same routines of care each day to promote a stable environment for our boarders. Our animal attendants start their day at 8am. One attendant is primarily in charge of our cattery facility and the other our kennel facility.

Dog Boarding facility

The animal attendant’s main priority between 8am-9am is to administer medications to the appropriate boarders is to exercise and toilet all patients in our exercise yard and if required administer any medications. Each individual dog is taken to the exercise yard and supervised by an animal attendant and this process is repeated until all dogs have has their turn.

We do not socialise animals over 10kgs together. Pets under 10kgs will exercise with 2 or 3 other compatible dogs.

Once all animals have been toileted it is time to start the cleaning and feeding regime. We feed all of our boarders in the morning to allow them to process their food and have a chance to go to the toilet throughout the day so they are not sitting on a full belly of food over night. Older dogs, puppies and pets with medication that require to be fed at night will have a nightly feed.

The animal attendant individually lets one pet out to the exercise yard at a time and cleans their living space and bedding. The attendants then prepare their food to the exact requirements of each pet and have it ready for them when they return to their clean living space.

After the facility is cleaned, the fun begins and this is when all animals are specifically exercised and spend quality time with our animal attendant. All boarders and Doggy Day Care dogs are on a constant rotation to the exercise yard where they are exposed to a range of toys.

In summer half filled shells of water and sand are available to play in but all year there is a tunnel, a play house and a huge array of toys as well as hanging toys to keep them occupied. Most importantly they have the care and attention of our animal attendant’s.

This continues throughout the day until change of shift at 4pm.

Our morning animal attendant will then pass over responsibility of care to our evening attendant where their main priority is organising night time feeds, night time medications and coordinating continual rotation of boarders so they all are well exercised and toileted before the facility closes at 6.00pm.

All animals have comfortable bedding with either the option of a trampoline bed with a blanket in the large living runs and a plush cotton bed for the small cages.


As in the dog boarding facility, the animal attendant’s main priority between 8am-9am is to administer medications to the appropriate boarders.

It is then their priority to clean, feed and exercise all cats in our facility. This is done by individually letting one cat at a time to roam free in the exercise yard to stretch their legs, jump on the scratching post and receive a pat and a cuddle from the attendant.

Their litter is refreshed and their food and water is replenished morning and night depending to each individual’s diet and needs.

Once all animals have been initially exercised, fed and cleaned the animal attendant spends equal time exercising individual cats in the play area. We also understand that cats are very different to dogs and some cats prefer to be left to their own devises and enjoy their own personal space.

Viewing the Facility

Due to these important daily routines if you would like to see our facility we ask that you make an appointment to do so on weekdays between 3.00pm-4.00pm

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