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Posted on 07-05-2018

Nutrition. Wow. What a minefield of a topic. As with human nutrition you will find so much information out there. What to feed, when to feed, how much? Then there is the added confusion of the dif...

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Busting the boredom out of your dog!

Posted on 05-24-2018

Dogs are social animals and when left alone for long periods of the day they can suffer from boredom and become destructive or develop problem behaviours. There are three essential factors you need to...

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Helping you pet to cope in storms

Posted on 05-17-2018

Coping with storms For some pets, storms  are  frightening for them - it can be from the noise, the lightning, the changes in air pressure, or even changes in the ozone levels...

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Posted on 04-30-2018

Osteoarthritis, also commonly known as degenerative joint disease or arthritis, is a condition that commonly affects our older feline and canine friends and can have a serious impact on their qua...

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Does your dog bark excessively? Want to know why?

Posted on 03-30-2017

Does your dog bark excessively?  Want to know why?  Keep reading for tips on how to manage excessive barking. Dog owners can find excessive barking to be a huge problem.  Nei...

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