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  • Cane Toads
    Cane Toads (Rhinella marina) previously Bufos marina Many of you may have heard that recently several cane toads were found at Medowie and Metford in the last two months. It is unknown Read more
  • Diabetes in Dogs & Cats
    Has your pet been drinking more than usual lately? Have they been losing weight? These are some of the early signs of diabetes, a common endocrine disease in cats and Read more
  • Nutrition
    Nutrition.  Wow. What a minefield of a topic. As with human nutrition you will find so much information out there. What to feed, when to feed, how much? Then there is Read more
  • Busting the boredom out of your dog!
    Dogs are social animals and when left alone for long periods of the day they can suffer from boredom and become destructive or develop problem behaviours. There are three essential Read more
  • Helping you pet to cope in storms
    Coping with storms For some pets, storms  are  frightening for them - it can be from the noise, the lightning, the changes in air pressure, or even changes in the ozone Read more
  • Osteoarthritis
    Osteoarthritis, also commonly known as degenerative joint disease or arthritis, is a condition that commonly affects our older feline and canine friends and can have a serious impact on their quality Read more
  • Does your dog bark excessively? Want to know why?
    Does your dog bark excessively?  Want to know why?  Keep reading for tips on how to manage excessive barking. Dog owners can find excessive barking to be a huge problem.  Neighbours Read more
  • Microchips: Easy, Safe, and Life Saving!
    Microchips: Easy, Safe, and Life Saving! By Kiyoko Robertson, AAS, RVT Hamilton Vet Clinic sees many pets that are found after getting out of their yards and especially during storms or fireworks Read more
  • Making Dogs Happy
    Over the past 2 Tuesday nights, ABC TV featured a 2 part documentary called "Making Dogs Happy". These 2 half hour shows were extremely educational for anyone who owns a Read more
  • Nutrition - Metabolic Plus
    Just like the human epidemic, almost 50% of the pet population is overweight.  Even a little extra weight can impact your pet’s quality of life and his relationship with your Read more
  • Dr Chris's Blog
    Last weekend Chris attended a surgery seminar in beautiful Mudgee. The course was very "hands on" with a lot of instruction in a range of surgical techniques and procedures. Day One Read more
  • New Drug - Apoquel
    Recently a revolutionary new anti itch drug came onto the market. There are so many allergic, itchy dogs out there and this new drug could be a lifesaver for them. In Read more
  • Vet's Blog - June
    Recently Dr Chris attended the Western Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas. This is the largest vet conference in the world with over 5000 delegates. There were twenty different lectures being Read more

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