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HVC-AmandaSmallAMANDA – Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

Amanda joined the HVC team in early 2009 working in the Boarding Facility. Amanda is a dedicated nurse and she has recently completed a course in Radiology.

Amanda has a rescue dog called Dexter and in her spare time enjoys taking him and her two other dogs, Harley and Toby to the beach as well as curling up with her kitten, Darla.

Amanda wants to travel the world to see other vet clinics.

ASHLEY – Animal Attendant

Ashley is currently working in our Boarding Facility while studying to complete her nursing degree. She does practical work placement in Hamilton Vet Clinic's treatment and surgery departments.

Ashley loves the bond she forms with our patients. She cheers them on through their treatments and holds them for their last goodbyes.

In her free time Ashley performs in a symphonic band and loves spending time with her family.

HVC-BrittanySmallBRITTANY – Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

Britt originally started working with HVC at the beginning of 2010 in our Boarding Facility. After completing year 12, she undertook a three year traineeship with Hamilton Veterinary Clinic.

Britt now forms part of our knowledeagble nursing team.

Britt has Border Collie named Macey. In her spare time she enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her family and friends.

HVC-BronteSmallBRONTE - Head Animal Attendant

Bronte joined our team in mid 2013 and works in our boarding facility. You may recognise Bronte as she was previously part of our team back in 2011 before she moved to America were she worked as a Nanny. She is currently studying her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Bronte has two beautiful dogs, Sooty and Lucy, that she loves to take for walks along the beach.

HVC-BronwynnSmallBRONWYNN - Receptionist

Bron joined our team in early 2012 and works in customer service and our boarding facility. Bron has been involved in the animal industry for many years. Bron's gentle nature with both clients and pets as well as her skills set in this industry is an absolute asset to our pet care health team at Hamilton Vet Clinic.

Bron can be found in her spare time at the dog beach with her new German Shepherd puppy, Zailey and her Collie cross Kallie. She enjoys boxing and bootcamp sessions and considers herself to be a bit of a adrenaline junkie.

ELIZA - Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

Eliza loves the diversity of patients that she gets to see and treat here at Hamilton Vet Clinic. Helping to identify patients' illnesses, aiding in them getting better and following them throughout their aftercare, are all aspects of her job that she enjoys. She truly feels that she has the best job in the world and is honoured to be trusted to care for the many animals that come though our doors. Her goal is to ensure all of our clients feel at ease and for their pets to walk out of our doors better than when they came in.

Eliza holds a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Technology and is currently completing a Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science in Nuclear Medicine.

On the weekends she enjoys the outdoors and is looking forward to spending time with her future rescue dog that she is currently on the search for. Watch this space!

GeorgahGEORGAH – Receptionist

Georgah joined the HVC team in March 2010, from a reception trained background and has since adapted to the veterinary business quickly.

Georgah has a Certificate III and IV in Business Administration and is currently studying a Certificate IV in Frontline Management.

Georgah has a beautiful Cavoodle named Poppie who keeps her very busy in her spare time. She also likes going to the beach and surfing.

ISABELLA – Animal Attendant

Isyy joined our team in mid 2011 and works in the Boarding Facility. Her bubbly personality makes it easy for her to fit into our team and relate well with our clients.

Isyy has a Kelpie called Allie, a Welsh pony called Macca and two Cockateils. Isyy loves the animal industry because it challenges her mind and allows her to apply the knowledge she has gained, in order to help others.

KARMEN - Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

Karmen is a Certificate 4 Veterinary Nurse who joined us in August 2016. Grateful for an amazing group of co-workers and clients, Karmen makes sure that both new and existing clients and patients at HVC are welcomed and treated with the highest standard of veterinary care. She loves working in veterinary medicine because of the constant gratification that comes with it.

Karmen has a miniature zoo at home and they all share an unbreakable bond with each other. In her free time she loves to be out in the sunshine enjoying beautiful Newcastle.

HVC-ShelleySmallSHELLEY – Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse

Shelley started working at HVC in 2005 as an animal attendant in our boarding facility. Shelley has been a vet nurse since 2009 and has now progressed to being one of our most valuable and experienced nurses.

Shelley enjoys spending time with her three dogs, Kaara, Mia and Joey, her cat, Franklin, and her human child, Alexis.

SIAN - Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing

When animals and their owners experience trauma or medical issues, it is not uncommon to be very stressed. Sian’s passion is bringing healing to pets and their people through the best possible veterinary service. She knows that no single approach is the right one for every patient, so she has been trained in a range of modalities to handle emergencies, surgery, nutrition, dentistry and more!

Sian has an Indian ringneck called Wally. In her spare time, she enjoys going to the beach, camping and going out with friends.

TAYLAH - Animal Attendant

Taylah is an animal attendant in our boarding facility and holds Certificates II and III in Animal Studies and a Certificate III in Captive Animals.

Taylah is the modern girl version of Crocodile Dundee; finding the time between wrangling large crocodiles and mastering the Russell Coight dance! She has also worked as a volunteer shark and ray keeper.

Taylah prides herself in taking care of all animals great and small. Taylah is the proud owner of two Pugs, five knob tail geckos and a Balloon Belly Molly fish.

TAHLIA - Animal Attendant

Tahlia joined us in November of 2017 as an animal attendant and hopes to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. She loves ensuring everyone's pets are comfortable and well-looked after during their stay here at Hamilton Veterinary Clinic. We are very lucky to have someone so passionate.

Tahlia has a Cavoodle called Banjo. She also looks after baby birds when they fall out of trees around her house that backs into the bush. In the past she has had frogs, stick insects, chickens and even a Rainbow Lorikeet.

In her free time, Tahlia enjoys netball on the weekends.

TANISHA - Animal Attendant

Tanisha has recently joined HVC as an animal attendant in our boarding facility. Tanisha is very passionate about all animals and enjoys spending time with her two horses, two dogs and cat. She also trains in for dressage competitions. Tanisha knows how very important our pets are to us and she takes special pride in ensuring your pets are well taken care of, happy, and comfortable while in our care. She intends to pursue a career in veterinary medicine in the future.

HVC-TinaSmallTINA - Certificate IV - Head Veterinary Nurse

Tina began her career in veterinary medicine over 24 years ago. After spending 6 years in general practice, Tina moved to Sydney to work at a specialist surgical centre. She continued on with Northern Sydney Vet Specialty Centre as their surgical/anaesthetic specialty nurse working mostly on hip replacements, spinal surgeries and major procedures. From there, Tina moved to Melbourne in 2003 to help establish the Animal Specialist Centre (ASC) as the Head Specialist Nurse.

After starting a family, Tina moved back to Newcastle and continued her work in emergency and critical care before joining Hamilton Vet Clinic where she focuses on education and critical care management. Tina has an extensive range of experience in veterinary nursing and ensures that the quality of service we offer is top of the line.

Tina has a menagerie of animals from birds, dogs, cats and even horses. She has four beautiful children which keep her occupied during her time off.

TRISH TANNER - Certificate IV Veterinary Nurse - Head Receptionist

Trish knows that the reception team is your first port of call when calling or visiting Hamilton Vet Clinic. She had dedicated herself to training her team of highly experienced and dedicated employees to provide you with the best possible care. Listening to your needs and providing services with empathy is her number one priority.

Trish has been with Hamilton Veterinary Clinic for over 2 years and plays an integral part in our management team. In September 2015 she moved to Newcastle from Sydney and has never looked back.

Trish enjoys the beach most weekends with her two young boys Michael and Lachlan. She has two cats, Tabby and Shaela but is looking forward to getting a Great Dane and Chihuahua in 2018!

ZOE - Certificate II in Animal Care - Animal Attendant

Zoe joined our team in mid 2011 and works in the boarding facility whilst studying at university.

Zoe loves animals and has recently adopted a kitten named Jezzabelle. Zoe also has a Maltese named Snowy and enjoys having the time to ride her horse Pip.

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I so appreciate the wonderful and knowledgeable staff. Skilled, attentive and caring - thanks Dr Chris for your kind and thoughtful handling of a difficult decision!

Meri M. / Hamilton, New South Wales

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